Looking back on SGMT’s history, it is impossible not to see an organization determined to overcome the incredible odds against it and rising to the challenges before it. The brainchild of playwright Mark Ogden who passed away in 1994, the reins were turned over to Don and Dawna Kenworthy who guided the small organization from a fledgling company of passionate followers to the most successful community theater in southern Utah. By 2007 SGMT was producing 8 shows annually with over 50,000 passing through its doors each year.

When SGMT lost its venue downtown and its ability to perform its signature in-the-round productions it was forced to close its operations. After 5 long years and a series of fits and starts and without any means to generate revenue, SGMT was given new life when in 2014 former Mayor McArthur, newly elected Mayor Jon Pike, the St. George City Council, and other supportive City officials allowed SGMT to produce its productions in the historic Opera House a venue that served as its home 15 years ago.

Now in our 7th season, SGMT’s comeback is complete, and coupled with an incredibly supportive patron base and a skilled, dedicated organizational staff, SGMT is now experiencing the success of its former years with an eye to accomplishing a decades-old dream of building a state-of-the-art venue that at long last it can all its own. We want to thank the City of St. George, Washington County and all of our beloved patrons, generous donors, talented performers and countless volunteers who are fueling our strong year-over-year growth.

Thank you to all of you who make this beautiful dream a reality!